Let’s imagine there’s a very popular and very cool gadget that kids just love. It is colourful, captivating and endless fun. It’s also a leading-edge educational tool.

Of course, you want one for your child. And if your child is on the autism spectrum, you have extra impetus as leading autism educators extoll its virtues.

Then you hear there are health hazard warnings from the World Health Organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the advisory board Doctors For Safer Schools, and thousands of physicians and scientists around the world. (See notes below)

You read of strong evidence that this device can cause cognitive impairment and neurological damage. Dizziness, nausea, headaches, skin rashes. How can that be? And you discover it was never tested for health safety and there are no relevant government safety standards.

Surely, someone must have done a pilot study with this new powerful technology and monitored the test subjects for adverse effects. No. Experts also warn us that children are especially vulnerable and those on the spectrum are even more at risk. You find out there are children suffering from exposure to this device, and that your child could also become electro-sensitive from being in close proximity.

Our children are the guinea pigs in this global experiment. This comes as a shock.  This is what I call the wireless wake-up call.

Yes, the ipad is the new spell-binding learning tool for children, especially those with autism. How many parents or educators know that whenever the ipad is in its sending and receiving mode it emits high levels of microwave radiation – called radio-frequency (RF.) The wireless router than connects it to the local cell tower antenna, and to the Internet, also emits harmful levels.

Technical expert Katharina Gustavs: “There is scientific evidence that radio-frequency (RF) radiation can cause damage. Any one of the five Wi-Fi transmitters tucked inside an iPad exposes children to high levels of RF radiation—similar to the transmitters in a smartphone and enough to harm the users.”

Epidemiologist, Nobel co-laureate and Doctors For Safer Schools Scientific Advisor, Dr. Devra Davis PhD: “There is enough evidence to support the view that if the cell phone were a drug, it would be banned. And iPads are even worse in terms of radiation exposure. Growing numbers of young people are immersed in levels that are without precedence in human history. The case for taking simple precautions to reduce RF exposures is becoming stronger every day, as a number of governments around the world are advising.”

Now you’re angry. Why was there no warning? Then you hear that our children are not only being exposed to this harmful radiation; it is totally unnecessary as there are safe ways for them to be connected to the Internet. Safe ways to enjoy and benefit from those dazzling and educational apps. Why wouldn’t we choose this option?

Could this new environmental health hazard be a hidden factor in the rising autism epidemic? A few decades ago the incidence was 1 in 10,000 children.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

2007 – 1 in every 150

2009 – 1 in every 91

2013 1 in 88. What could it be in 2025?

The medical pioneer, Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD, is a physician who works with these families and believes that the increase is partially connected to this electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) and our increasingly toxic environment. Dr Klinghardt offers this sobering prediction, “By 2025 we may have no neuro-typical children born. Every child could be born with some degree of neurological damage as their mothers are constantly exposed.”  Dr. Klinghardt conducted a small study: “In 10 of our autistic children we measured the EMR exposure of the mother in the location where she was sleeping before giving birth to the child – who later on would be diagnosed as Autistic. We measured body voltage and microwave exposure from ambient background WiFi and cell phone radiation. The results clearly showed significantly increased levels of exposure in the affected mothers versus the control group.”

There is some good news; an environmental consultant who assists families with autism, who also contributed to our book, A Wellness Guide For The Digital Age (previous title: Wireless Radiation Rescue) reported these children improve significantly when in a low EMR environment. In this book, Dr Klinghardt and other contributors offer our easy-to-implement risk reduction plan. There are safer-tech solutions. We can keep connected in this digital age without the high risks.

Doctors For Safer Schools (DFSS) Board Member, surgeon Dr John Barnhill MD, FRCSC:

“The medical, psychological and social effects of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) are theoretically quite concerning. Some evidence that exists in medical literature is quite concerning and in keeping with our understanding of the physiology and carcinogenic capability of radiation. Further public consultation, dissemination of risks (potential, theoretical and evidence supporting harm), and research is warranted for this new and increasing public health concern. And this radiation exposure is against any consent.”

DFSS Co-founder and Medical Director Board-Certified Cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra MD, FACC:

“The wireless microwave radiation from WiFi and mobile phones is the greatest medical threat of our time. The heart is vulnerable; cardiac symptoms may be connected. Electrosensitivity is a medical condition that most physicians do not recognize.”

Associate Professor of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University Dr Martin Blank, PhD:

“This is not only the new tobacco; this is the new asbestos. It took governments 100 years to take action regarding asbestos. And Canada’s safety standards are inaccurate and totally irrelevant.” Dr Blank has published over 200 papers on his research in this field.

DFSS Co-founder and Executive Director, author of A Wellness Guide For The Digital Age Dr Kerry Crofton PhD:

“Yes, we want our young people to be tech-savvy and successful in this electronic era; all of us can do this with the safer use of digital technology. When there is even a suggestion that this microwave radiation exposure is harmful, why wouldn’t we adopt the precautionary principle and choose safer options available to us?”


What you can do in your school, library, clinic, office, home, vehicle (buses, trains and aircraft)

  1. Test levels of exposure – a professional assessment recommended, and learn to recognize related symptoms
  2. Reduce exposures from wired and wireless sources with safer options at: www.SaferTechSolutions.org
  3. Retest levels of exposure – address related symptoms with integrative medicine protocols
  4. Inspire the people in your school, in your life, to use hard-wired Internet connections, instead of wireless, and go ‘screen free’ occasionally to reconnect with themselves, each other, their families and the natural world.


  • The World Health Organization, 2011: After examining the scientific evidence, a working group of 31 scientists determined wireless (RF) radiation to be a class 2B carcinogen – in the same category as lead, automotive exhaust, and DDT.
  •  American Academy of Pediatricians: “Children are disproportionately impacted by all environmental exposures, including cell phone radiation. It is essential that any new standard be based on protecting the most vulnerable populations to ensure they are safeguarded throughout their lifetimes.”
  • American Academy of Environmental Medicine: “Adverse health effects from RF radiation – learning disabilities, altered immune responses, and headaches – are well documented in the scientific literature. It is better to exercise caution and substitute with a safe wired connection – not classified as a possible carcinogen.”