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Mobilize, a Film about Cell Phone Radiation

Mobilize, a feature-length documentary about cell phone radiation, will be released in September, 2014. The film explores the potential long-term health effects from cell phone radiation and examines recent scientific research and the challenges politicians face trying to adopt precautionary legislation. Featuring interviews with experts, wireless industry representatives and prominent politicians, the film illuminates how industry’s economic and political influence can undermine public health. The film was directed by Kevin Kunze and produced by Devra Davis, Ellen Marks, and Joel Moskowitz.

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The film has been accepted by the 17th Annual California Independent Film Festival and has been nominated for the CAIFF Slate Award for Best Documentary Feature.


Dr. Crofton and many of the book’s contributing experts are available for interviews.

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2013 Press Release

A Wellness Guide For The Digital Age:

With Safer-Tech Solutions For All Things Wired & Wireless – for brains worth saving

by Kerry Crofton, PhD

2013 (Global Wellbeing Books)

ISBN: 978-0986473548

386 pages, 9 x 6 inches

“I heard Dr Crofton speak to several hundred doctors at an anti-aging medicine conference and she mesmerized the entire group speaking about her research and recommendations. The stillness was palpable.” Stephen Sinatra, MD, FACC

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