A Wellness Guide For The Digital Age book

A Wellness Guide For The Digital Age:
With Safer-Tech Solutions For All Things Wired & Wireless

This guide is a revision of the award-winning Wireless Radiation Rescue.

Here is a brief summary for your consideration:

  • increasingly powerful electronics, and other radiation exposures, are not properly tested for health safety, and the accumulated doses are not being considered – or even monitored;
  • government standards are not accurate, and not protecting us;
  • there is evidence of health risks, especially to our children;
  • there are safer alternatives – affordable options.


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For vitality and wellness in these high-tech times, we don’t have to give up the convenient gadgets we rely on, and love; we do need to use them differently. In clear, easy-to-understand language this team of experts gives readers the details, tools, coaching and resources they need to assess, prevent, and heal from the electro-magnetic radiation exposure that surrounds us all.

An engaging narrative style is consistent throughout the book, with technical information, references, research, and preventive measures for the healthy population. Interventions of value are also provided for people with related symptoms, and peer-reviewed studies and clinical protocols are referenced for their doctors. This informal, interactive style — written in scientifically accurate yet non-technical language – is well suited to readers of all ages.

This guide sets out what you need to know – the research and recommendations with easy and affordable solutions from the world’s leading experts:

  • Summary of the science;
  • Survey to assess your risks and symptoms;
  • Simple strategies targeting: sleep problems, dizziness, headaches, tingling in the hands, ringing in the ears, eye pain, bloodshot eyes, skin rashes, cardiac symptoms, cognitive impairment, electro-sensitivity, autism;
  • Pregnancy and parenting require safer-tech solutions as never before, as the born and unborn are exposed to harmful – government-sanctioned – levels of radiation: wired and wireless. Learn about the best baby monitors and more;
  • Latest on digital addiction and our digital detox program – how this tech-obsessed generation, and their disconnected families, can overcome isolation and reconnect with themselves, each other and the natural world around us;
  • A whole section on all things wired and wireless with the concerns, and safer use of each one. We tell you about: all mobile phones, including which headsets are best, why your digital cordless phone could be a hidden health hazard, the best, and worst, baby monitors, the safe distance from a microwave oven, Smart Meters and much more;
  • New discoveries for healthy aging in this digital age.

Quick Read at a Glance

Pregnancy and parenting concerns? See page 41 for an eye-opening summary of the science. To see if symptoms are related to electro-pollution, scan the questionnaire on page 99. On page 52 learn about tech-obsessed people of all ages. More on this, and nature-deficit disorder, on page 317. Check out our Digital Detox program and Tech-free Retreats – unplugging and reconnecting with ourselves, each other, and the natural world – on page 215. Page 317-322: how we can reconnect our children with nature.

Safer use of cell phones, headsets and more page 135 to 153. Challenging the Wi-Fi in your child’s school (page 163- 170), or the cell tower in your neighborhood? See the Statement of Accountability (page 330) and the Index for research. There’s useful information in Resources on page 347.

For help with sleep problems, electro-sensitivity, or the latest healthy aging discoveries, search our Index that begins on page 367.

You will find this book useful if:

  • you have heard about cell phone radiation health hazards and want an accurate summary of the research and recommendations;
  • you spend a lot of time on a computer, in a wireless environment, on a mobile phone;
  • young people you care about use cell phones (mostly texting?) and you want to know which electronic devices are the safest;
  • you travel in high-exposure environments like aircraft and sleep in hotels with strong Wi-Fi;
  • you are concerned about the radiation from cell tower antennas, or power lines, near your home, workplace, or your children’s school (and the school’s wireless Internet);
  • you know that you are electro-sensitive and want the best medical and technical advice for this often misdiagnosed condition;
  • there’s a newborn, or one about to be born, in your family and you want to know about baby monitors and other potential hazards;
  • you want the facts on ultrasound, airport security scanners, CT scans, MRI, X-rays and other diagnostic imaging;
  • you are suffering from any of the following conditions:
    allergies ALS Alzheimer’s ADD/ADHD headaches and migraines infertility Multiple Chemical Sensitivity tinnitus
    Asperger’s Syndrome Autism Spectrum Disorder cancer cardiac conditions: angina, arrhythmia, hypertension, tachycardia insomnia immune suppression Parkinson’s skin rashes
    cataracts Chronic Fatigue Syndrome depression dizziness/vertigo electro-sensitivity epilepsy sleep disorders
  • you are ready to take action but need evidence for the doubters;
  • you are concerned about aging well. The effects of electro-pollution have been called “rapid aging syndrome”, even aging our skin! And there’s medical information on how to boost your immune system, and other longevity tips for healthy aging in this new digital age;
  • a healthy balance to your family’s need for electronics and screen-free time is a priority. Read about people who are unplugging and being together, outside in nature – tech-free. Like you used to? hands_earth_saferTechSol_600x
  • you are interested in practical ways to protect our planet, and all life forms, from the environmental impact of electro-pollution.

The 4 Strategies – Overview of the Book

Click on each title for more information.

If you are already well versed in the evidence, the scientists’ concerns, the problem with government standards, and the misinformation, you could jump ahead to the second strategy – after you check out our new 4-Day trial on page 49. It will help you recognize and reduce sources of electro-pollution.

However, I encourage you to come back some time to the first strategy so you’ll be better equipped to protect your family and educate others. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed in Strategy 1, please skip ahead to assess your risk (Strategy 2) or to the devices and solutions section (Strategy 3), rather than abandoning this altogether. 

Here you find a detailed questionnaire to help you see where you’re being exposed to electro-magnetic fields (EMF). Some people refer to this as electro-magnetic radiation, or EMR; this is the term we’ll use. We include, in simple terms, what you need to know about EMR – wired and wireless. 
This offers information on everything from the lowest radiation dental X-rays, to what you need to know about tucking your child into the back seat of a hybrid car.

Details here include the kinds of cell phone headsets to avoid – and the one that is recommended, the safer alternative to cordless phones, what kind of cell phone to buy – and the best way to use it. There’s also key information about safer Internet access. You’ll discover practical advice about many other devices, and ways to reduce your radiation exposure and related health risks. 

Here’s how to create a safer environment for you and your family, room by room. Our contributing physicians also offer what you need to know about electro-sensitivity, autism, immune health, dental health and other key factors in your family’s wellbeing. They also offer advice on preventing or healing from EMR exposure, and reveal how they protect their own families.

An author on parent-teen communication gives us tips on how to get young people onboard. We look at the Safer-Tech Challenge – this is for families wired on wireless, who take on reconnecting with each other, and with the love of nature. 

Need Hope For the Future?   It is on page 326.

mom_baby_rays_saferTechSol_600xThe conclusion brings it all together with inspiration from the families following these guidelines, and from dedicated people making a difference. We hear about hopes for the future – a challenge for some who have been lone voices with their research and warnings ignored.

Resources are on page 347, and the Index is on page 367.

You Are The Judge and Jury In This Case

The radiation levels from devices that send and receive have been called “low” but there is enough evidence to cause concern. I am not asking you to jump to this view, but to hear the case and decide for yourself.

You can’t see this kind of pollution. However, if the arcs of radiation were visible, you would see the hot zone extends a long way.

These invisible plumes of radiation surround microwave ovens, cell tower antennas, mobile phones, iPads and all wirelessly-connected devices, including video games, cordless phones and baby monitors.