Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

There’s evidence of harm from pre-natal and early childhood exposure to electro-magnetic radiation (EMR). Infertility can be related. Our experts sort out the science and offer how to protect your loved ones – from conception to college – and beyond. More…


Parenting Children and Teens

Children and teenagers are five times more likely to get a certain kind of brain cancer – glioma – if they begin using cell phones before the age of 20. The extra risk from using cordless phones was found to be almost as high. More…

Texting Teens - Wireless Solutions

Children, Nature & Technology; Screen-free Nature Play; Digital Detox

Many parents think carrying a cell phone keeps their kids safer. Consider the adverse health and behaviour effects, including digital addiction. Good news: there are easy solutions and a new wave of “disconnecting to reconnect.” More…

Symptoms & Wireless Solutions

Symptoms & Conditions

Many readers report sleeping better and other improvements. Our medical team discusses cancer, electro-sensitivity, autism, vertigo, tinnitus, Parkinson’s, cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s. And hear what our cardiologist and neurosurgeons have to say. More…


Hidden Health Hazards

‘Always-on’ Internet glasses are the latest in high-tech cool. But are they safe? And using an ear piece/headset to reduce risks can increase exposure. And there’s another unwelcome surprise. More…

Kids and iPad usage

Mindfulness in the Digital Age

Of course, all students now need to be tech-savvy and with our safer-tech solutions they can be that – and healthy. However, we need to be mindful of the adverse behavioural and health effects. More…


Healthy Aging

EMR exposure ages us at a cellular level and causes DNA damage, inflammation and free radicals accelerating the aging process – even the skin. This is the new factor in anti-aging, and risk reduction also benefits the heart and brain. More…

What Readers Say

After reading this book I found the information so compelling, that I decided to make some immediate changes. I highly recommend this book.”
Corinne S.
Thank you to Dr. Crofton for spending the time creating such a book! I have ordered copies for all the people I care about to read.
Melissa R.
As I unplugged more myself, I was sleeping much better and had more energy.
Charles G.
it is extremely informative and I highly recommend it, especially if you are just beginning to look into how and why EMF exposure could be harmful.
Alexander B., Pre-med student
There is an urgency in educating humans to reduce this invisible danger in their lives. This book serves this purpose.
Georgia P.

Doctors For Safer Schools

Doctors for Safer Schools’ mission is to provide published scientific data, intake assessments, and integrative medicine protocols for doctors so they can recognize, treat – and prevent – symptoms and related conditions, including electro-sensitivity. More…

Doctors For Safer Skies

“Some symptoms caused by electro-magnetic radiation like headaches, drowsiness, vertigo, nausea, loss of hearing and vision, loss of consciousness, and a lack of concentration are a concern in transportation safety, including aviation.” More…

What Experts Say

drSinatra_600x“There are cardiac and cancer risks  – this is the greatest medical threat of our time. I highly recommend Dr Crofton’s ground-breaking book. It is well-researched and informative. All forms of pollution impair our health, and the electro-pollution arising from the proliferation of wireless technology has greatly added to this burden. The effects can go unnoticed among even the best health professionals. We need to educate them. This is why I also recommend Dr Crofton’s book to other physicians.”
– Stephen Sinatra, MD, Cardiologist

“Signals from cell phones reach more deeply into children’s thinner skulls and smaller brains. This book is a wake-up call with solutions.”
– Devra Davis, PhD, Nobel co-laureate and author of Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation


Swedish neuro-oncologist Leif Salford, MD has called the unregulated use of cell phones by 5 billion people worldwide “the largest human biological experiment ever.”

“Our health can be significantly compromised by the invisible radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi and other electronic devices. A Wellness Guide For The Digital Age sounds the alert and more importantly offers solutions. I highly recommend it.”
– Carolyn Dean MD ND

“We don’t feel this radiation and we think it’s not doing anything, but it’s a very potent biological agent and government safety standards are irrelevant. There is enough evidence to link this exposure to increased risk of cancer and therefore of a need to limit our exposure, especially of children.”
– Martin Blank, PhD, Columbia University