Reviews & Readers Report Benefits

Below are the benefits that some of our readers have shared through all editions of this book.

“After reading this book I found the information so compelling, that I decided to make some immediate changes. I have been struggling with insomnia for the past three years. The first night after clearing my room of all electronics, as recommended in the book, I slept like a baby. Likewise for the next night. While I am willing to consider a certain amount of placebo effect, I have now been sleeping well and deeply for a few weeks. This is one of those life-changing books. I highly recommend this book.” – Corinne S.
“Thank you to Dr. Crofton for spending the time creating such a book. I have been sick with electro-hypersensitivity now for almost a year. Two cell antennas were installed outside my apartment in addition to a pre-existing local TV station antenna, all around 1 km away. In addition, all the hotels where I have to stay for work are all now wi-fi and have cordless phones which makes me so physically ill. Because of these the towers and these devices, my life in a nightmare and I’m practically unable to work. I am also having a terrible time trying to find an unaffected place to live. This book, which was given to me by the author to give to my union at work, was so very helpful. It has a broad range of useful information all in one source. It gives practical information on how to reduce your exposure to microwave radiation and EMF sources; plus it lists many references to other places to find information that can help protect you and your family. I have ordered copies for all the people I care about to read.” – Melissa R.
“I see that we were making choices that involved sitting in front of a computer, TV or video screen, and were using our cell phones and computers with wireless Internet much of the day. As I unplugged more myself, I was sleeping much better and had more energy.” – Charles G.
“The book is a comprehensive, up to date guide on how to use devices such as cell phones, baby monitors, cars, televisions, computers, etc… in ways that reduce EMF exposure the most. It discusses scientific research in a way that is easy to understand (also includes the names of studies/researchers so that you can search for them yourself if writing a research paper). It discusses all the risks of EMF exposure and what you can do to protect yourself and your family. It gives contact information for experts in the field as well. Overall, it is extremely informative and I highly recommend it, especially if you are just beginning to look into how and why EMF exposure could be harmful.” -Alexander B., pre-medical student
“After spending the last seven months researching many sources of information about electromagnetic radiation, I wanted a source that I could share with others to help them understand what I had learned so they could make intelligent informed decisions about their lives and the lives of their children. I have found such a source in this book.

The reader of this book can get an overview of the EMF radiation subject from personal experiences and from worldwide researchers and experts. Also, there are specific suggestions for evaluating one’s environment, reducing one’s personal radiation exposure, and suggestions for relating to the larger societal challenges.

The presentation is user-friendly. One is not overwhelmed in one’s learning process, but assisted in the relaxed friendly style of the author, the open format, the simple headings and the clear organization. This is a good introductory source of information for family, friends, co-workers, those who work in libraries, schools, health centers, and government.

Because an estimated three percent of the world’s populations is already electro-magnetically sensitive, and brain tumors are the leading cancer cause of death for children, there is an urgency in educating humans to reduce this invisible danger in their lives. This book serves this purpose.” – Georgia P.

“Electro-pollution is one of various environmental toxins that we are exposed to which are compromising our immune systems. A Wellness Guide For The Digital Age has made me more aware of the addiction that my family and I have nurtured around technology. This book has had a profound, and beneficial, effect on our family.” – Tamara H.
“I have read this book cover-to-cover. It is very authoritative on the topic of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. I am electro-hypersensitive and have learned a lot from this book about how to avoid radiation damage from cell phones, wi-fi, etc. I would suggest everyone read it thoroughly – then turn off your cell phone and wi-fi!” – T. Bennett
“The fact that children shouldn’t use cell phones and all the supporting research why they shouldn’t make this book stand out as a potential paradigm shifter into the terrain of embracing technology with the same respect we’d introduce children to heavy surf in Hawaii- with respect and caution vs. careless abandon. Kerry isn’t afraid to rock the boat and lay down some firm guidelines that will positively impact the health of every child whose parents follow her advice.

I haven’t seen a book recently with this much practical DIY information you can implement immediately or over the course of time as you choose. I guarantee you, you’ll implement at least one `radiation rescue’ before you finish the book– maybe it’s just as simple as moving the cell phone across the room instead of sleeping with it by the bed. Kerry Crofton has done all the legwork to allow you to produce this wireless radiation rescue and also to actively connect with others who care about this threat to health and life on the Planet. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the practicality and easy implementation as much as I did and want to share it with your friends and family.” – Kat Carroll, Associate Editor, Health Freedom News