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Microwave Madness in The Marketplace

Just when we thought awareness of WiFi health hazards was growing:

  • Baby seats by Fisher Price with iPad holders – very close to the infant (if the parents only knew the potential harm)
  • Pendant mobile phones to hang between women’s breasts (check out Dr. Devra Davis’ report about potential breast cancer link – page 40)
  • Google™ Glasses (how close is the transmitter to the eye and brain?)
  • Google™ Smart Contact Lenses (hear they may be coming soon?)
  • Smart Conductive Clothing and Wearable Technology (microwaves up close and personal) and Medical clothes with real time feedback


Product Disclaimer (?)

Suppose a product came with the following warnings, and, even if it were cool, and everywhere, would you buy it?

  • Not tested for long-term (or short?) impact on human health, and in tiny print: keep it ___ (distance) away from your body
  • Thousands of physicians and scientists, and some countries, are raising a medical alert about its use, and inaccurate regulation standards
  • The World Health Organization had labelled its microwave radiation emissions a carcinogen and reported scientific evidence of harm
  • Many people are suffering reaction symptoms when exposed to it: heart problems, sleep disruption, nausea, vertigo/dizziness, headaches, cognitive impairment, loss of consciousness, skin rashes, bloodshot eyes, tingling hands, ringing in the ears. And evidence of cancer risks.
  • Evidence of pre-natal damage and possible autism connection
  • There are class action suits based on health claims


Beware ‘Smart’ WiFi technology

Diapers, Clothing, Medical devices, Classrooms, Watches, Wearables, Guns (??), Meters, Appliances, Heart Monitors, Hospital beds, Home Security, ‘Smart’ Cities with sensors in every house and on every street, and ‘talking’ cars with WiFi signals emitting from car to car – for safety! Soon, WiFi implants at birth?