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What you need to know about planes trains and automobiles in the digital age- Part 1

By |2017-02-07T18:42:58+00:00January 30th, 2014|Digital Detox, Electro-sensitivity, Mindfulness in The Digital Age, Parenting in the digital age|

[Excerpt from A Wellness Guide For The Digital Age] Electric/Hybrid Cars  Unfortunately, the energy-saving strategy of hybrid cars may have significant risks for human health. A hybrid vehicle combines a regular internal combustion engine and an electric motor powered by batteries. When you start the car, and at low speeds, the car runs just with the [...]

Pre-conception and Pregnancy Concerns: Healthy aging in the digital age begins even before birth

By |2017-02-07T18:42:59+00:00November 23rd, 2013|Electro-sensitivity, Parenting and teens, Parenting in the digital age|

Whether you are a clinician working in this field or a potential parent, you should know that the findings from hundreds of published studies indicate we should be concerned - even before conception - about a range of environmental health hazards, including the radiation from all things wired and wireless. First, here is a brief [...]

iPads and Autism

By |2017-02-07T18:42:59+00:00October 30th, 2013|Electro-sensitivity, Mindfulness in The Digital Age, Parenting and teens, Parenting in the digital age|

Let's imagine there's a very popular and very cool gadget that kids just love. It is colourful, captivating and endless fun. It's also a leading-edge educational tool. Of course, you want one for your child. And if your child is on the autism spectrum, you have extra impetus as leading autism educators extoll its virtues. [...]

My wireless wake-up call

By |2017-02-07T18:42:59+00:00August 24th, 2013|Digital Detox, Disease, Electro-sensitivity, Hidden Health Hazards, Parenting in the digital age, Pre-conception and Pregnancy|

Oh no, you may be thinking, not another dire health warning. Like most people, I often feel fed up with alarming medical news and conflicting studies (one report implicated wine as a risk for breast cancer, and the next day another praised wine as protection from Alzheimer’s). What a choice! Most of us have had [...]

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