Biological Effects – Evidence of Damage

Functioning of Our Cells

As the research of Columbia University’s Dr. Martin Blank demonstrates, electro-magnetic fields can affect our cells even when present at very low intensities – low enough that our senses can’t detect them, let alone feel any heat. (Could this be the crux of the problem?)

Along with Dr. Reba Goodman, Dr. Blank has been studying these biological effects on the stress response in cells. He explains for us how the cells interpret this stimulus.

The cells react as if this energy is harmful! They make stress proteins only when they sense they’re in a bad situation, such as when they are exposed to heat, toxins or the wrong pH. The research is showing that when exposed to low frequency they’re responding in this way, even without thermal stressors. When the cell starts making stress proteins, it’s trying to tell you something!

There are other troubling signs of reactivity. In 2011 Drs. Blank and Goodman published a new paper on DNA in the International Journal of Radiation Biology 87(4): 409-15, 2011. This review of the responses of DNA to electro-magnetic fields, in different frequency ranges, shows that the DNA in cells can react as a fractal antenna, able to pick up many frequencies. This property of DNA is probably due to its structure. This DNA damage could account for increases in cancer.


Our Immune and Other Systems

Another scientist, Dr. Ted Litovitz, who was Emeritus Professor of Physics and Bioelectro-magnetics, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, found that when a cell is subjected to too much stress, this fundamental protective response itself becomes stressed and stops making proteins. (Litovitz 2002) In other words, the cell becomes less able to protect itself and this impairs our immune system strength and affects every system in the body.


Our Cells’ Ability to Communicate

The pioneer in the field of environmental health, Dr. Neil Cherry of New Zealand, described this mechanism in detail. Sadly, this highly respected scientist died in 2003 after suffering from Motor Neuron disease (ALS). Professor Cherry wrote:

Nature has developed many advanced and complex biological processes in, and between, cells for cell-to-cell communication, intra-cellular communication and regulation, and brain and CNS systems. Dr. Ross Adey’s description of cells ‘whispering to each other’ in this cell-to-cell caring society, checking on the health of their neighbours and suggesting subtle changes to keep them healthy are part of biological homeostasis.

Our brains and cells primarily use calcium ions for these processes and Dr. Adey’s laboratory, followed by Dr. Carl Blackman’s monumental work, confirms that the natural and vital processes for cellular health are interfered with … at the cell membrane level, by the oscillating signals from mobile phone base stations.

These waves of radiation confuse and damage the cell’s signal system while the strong emissions of a cell phone next to your head almost drown out the signals. This alters the EEG and hormones, damaging the cells and producing acute symptoms such as headache, concentration problems, memory loss, dizziness and nausea, and long-term problems including brain tumors, Alzheimer’s Disease, depression and suicide.

The cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra told me about this hypothesis:

Receptor sites on the cell membrane do not recognize the chaotic electrical disturbances from mobile phones and other wireless exposures, and interpret this as a foreign invader, sending the cell membranes into a protective ‘lock down’ mode.

One theory is that electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) impedes the active transport channels that should allow nutrients into the cell, and waste products to get out, as well as the cells’ ability to communicate and work well with each other. Waste products can build up inside the cell causing a high concentration of molecules called free radicals.



Free radicals interfere with DNA repair and alter future DNA. Damaged DNA is passed along to the next generation of cells. This is worrying, because, as Adey explains, the cells can no longer ‘whisper’ with each other, they can no longer call in the immune system to remove dead cells and damaged DNA.

The researchers Drs. Henry Lai and Narendra Singh have been studying DNA for many years, and their results are strong evidence. Even with brief exposures, at very low levels of EMR, there are signs of significant damage to DNA, and they report this can lead to changes in cellular functions and cell death. (This study, with J.L. Philips, was published in Pathophysiology 16 (2009) 79–88.) I asked Dr. Lai and Dr. Singh about security scanners and our DNA -– more on that later.

This disruption to the normal functioning of cells affects all life forms, not just us wireless-crazed humans. Dr. Carrie Hyman, a friend and colleague who sadly passed away a few years ago, voiced her concern:

This radiation affects every living cell in ways we are only beginning to understand. Because of the genotoxic effect of radio frequencies in particular, we may be altering the genetic expression of all life on earth.


Our Blood-Brain Barrier

Even though this is a complex mechanism, this research caught my attention – like the graphic on the back cover. I read that the “lock down” effect of the cell membrane by EMR can affect cells anywhere in the body – including the blood-brain barrier, a vital filtering system in the blood vessels in the brain.

Experts agree that it’s especially important that the cells of the blood-brain barrier keep toxins out and cerebrospinal fluids in, so that the environment of the brain is kept clean and the brain itself is cushioned against any contact with the skull. Makes sense.

Research by Leif Salford, MD, the neurology professor at Lund University, shows that EMR is capable of causing leakage of the blood-brain barrier. (Persson and Salford 1996; Salford et al. 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997b, 2001)

Dr. Salford’s research team reported rat brain cross-sections showed first ever evidence of brain damage from cell phone radiation. While the controls (top) appeared healthy, the test subjects (below) – exposed to a 2-hour dose of cell phone radiation of varying intensities – were heavily spotted with proteins leaked from the surrounding blood vessels, and show signs of significant neuronal (brain) damage. I once showed this graphic to a neurologist. He looked right at me and challenged: “Do you have any idea of the implications of this kind of damage?” “I am beginning to understand,” I replied. “This is why I am so committed to getting this information out to people – particularly to parents like me.” Maybe you’re thinking that what applies to rat brains doesn’t necessarily apply to humans? Several years ago, Professor Salford pointed out that the blood-brain barrier is anatomically the same in both species and cautioned:

With a long series of significant effects demonstrated in the animal models, it is my sincere belief that it is more probable than unlikely that non-thermal electro-magnetic fields from mobile phones do have effects upon the human brain.


Our Cognitive Abilities

A study by researchers in Israel confirmed human subjects exposed to wireless radiation had impaired cognitive functions, including slower response times to a spatial working memory task (Luria, Eliyahu, Hareuveny, Margaliot, Meiran). Professor Wilhelm Mosgoeller, PhD, University of Vienna, studies this issue and reports: “During our investigations of healthy human subjects and RF exposure, certain brain waves changed. We noted faster response times during exposure which seem to occur at the expense of the quality of the response. Wrong responses were given within shorter time periods.” (Not good in transportation or education!)