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What you need to know about planes trains and automobiles in the digital age-Part 2

By |2017-02-07T18:42:58+00:00February 10th, 2014|Digital Detox, Electro-sensitivity, Hidden Health Hazards, Mindfulness in The Digital Age|

Here's what you need to know about microwave radiation intransportation. Part 2. Kerry Crofton [Excerpt from A Wellness Guide For The Digital Age]   Hybrid Cars – Safer Solutions:  Shielding for the batteries. Unlike in mobile communications, there are no information-carrying radio waves here, so the batteries can be completely covered with a special metal that blocks [...]

iPads and Autism

By |2017-02-07T18:42:59+00:00October 30th, 2013|Electro-sensitivity, Mindfulness in The Digital Age, Parenting and teens, Parenting in the digital age|

Let's imagine there's a very popular and very cool gadget that kids just love. It is colourful, captivating and endless fun. It's also a leading-edge educational tool. Of course, you want one for your child. And if your child is on the autism spectrum, you have extra impetus as leading autism educators extoll its virtues. [...]

Wi-Fi & Other Concerns

By |2016-11-22T14:15:56+00:00August 21st, 2013|

Yes, we want young people to have all the advantages of digital technology – essential in this information age. This can be accomplished much more safely, with much less risk to their health, and ours. No one is monitoring the dose accumulation of wireless microwave radiation for adverse effects and most doctors are not trained to [...]


By |2016-11-18T19:05:31+00:00August 21st, 2013|

Reviews & Readers Report Benefits Below are the benefits that some of our readers have shared through all editions of this book. "After reading this book I found the information so compelling, that I decided to make some immediate changes. I have been struggling with insomnia for the past three years. The first [...]


By |2016-11-22T13:26:25+00:00January 21st, 2013|

This is from the informative website of Dr. Joel Moskowitz - Mobilize, a Film about Cell Phone Radiation Mobilize, a feature-length documentary about cell phone radiation, will be released in September, 2014. The film explores the potential long-term health effects from cell phone radiation and examines recent scientific research and the challenges politicians face trying to [...]

Our Team

By |2016-11-22T01:52:42+00:00July 31st, 2012|

About the Author Kerry Crofton is a health educator, concerned parent and member of the International EMF Alliance. She is Medical Commentator on electro-magnetic radiation for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s forum. Kerry holds a doctorate in psychology, and her thirty-five years of professional work includes: a clinical practice; writing a weekly newspaper column [...]

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